Monitoring applications

The Hove Civic Society Planning Advisory Group (PAG) is a group of committee members including the HCS Chairman and Vice-Chair. They review and track the planning ppplications listed weekly on the Brighton & Hove planning website to identify which applications are of particular interest.

We are primarily concerned with medium to large scale construction or renovation projects which have an impact on the living conditions and environment of the residents of Brighton and Hove.

We tend to focus on larger projects (6 or more residential units) or projects which may involve a significant change to the local surroundings, or which may help to improve cultural opportunities. These applications are reviewed to determine if HCS should comment to the Council, whether positively or negatively. 

Our aim is to influence development decisions which improve the quality of life and the experience and image of the area, for residents, businesses and visitors alike. This includes such issues as suggestions to include improvements to the artistic or environmental ambience of the project sites.

Monitoring of planning applications:

September 2015 (PDF, 382KB)

June 2015 (PDF, 369KB)

May 2015 (PDF, 394KB)

April 2015 (PDF, 372KB)

January 2015 (PDF, 373KB)

December 2014 (PDF, 377KB)

November 2014 (PDF, 306KB)

October 2014 (PDF, 296KB)